Medea’s principals have an established track record of advising and investing in natural resources companies with projects in frontier, emerging and developed markets. We are agnostic as to commodity with deep experience of Precious Metals, Base Metals, Clean Energy, Oil & Gas and Agriculture

Project Alfred

GBP 150m investment to create an exploration corporate focussed on UK conventional and unconventional gas projects. Corporate called Anglia Natural Gas.

Provided investment advice to two investors – a UK-based hedge fund and a U.S.-based family office to create an exploration company. Involved onboarding management, extensive liaising with UK O&G regulators and M&A transactions to acquire acreage, GIIP and one development project

Project Dorothy

US$25m investment in development tin asset in Democratic Republic of Congo

Provided investment advice to a family office who were looking to acquire a development-stage tin project in the DRC. Advice involved due diligence on the assets, structuring and bringing together a management team to operate the assets with skills across advanced exploration and project development

Project Tane

NZD 10m investment in New Zealand forestry estates

Provided investment advice to an endowment vehicle to acquire and manage forestry estate assets in New Zealand

Deals conducted by Medea Deals where MCP partners were involved at previous firms


Client Country Commodity Amount (US$m) Description
Rusant Limited Russia Antimony 70 Acquisition Finance
PT Bumi Resources Indonesia Coal 360 Acquisition Finance
Sharyn Gol Mongolia Coal 20 Structured Debt
Krutrade AG Russia Coal 150 Structured Debt
GMS Morocco Copper   M&A Advisory
Tiger Resources Zambia Copper - M&A Advisory
Nigrex Holdings  Burkina Faso Gold - M&A Advisory
Algold Resources Mauritania Gold - Equity Raise
Algold Resources Mauritania Gold   Principal Investment
Lihir Gold  PNG Gold 375 Structured Debt
Mineral Deposits Senegal Gold 28 Structured Debt
Mineral Deposits  Senegal Gold 25 Structured Debt
Luiri Gold Zambia Gold 15 Structured Debt
Metallon Gold Zimbabwe Gold - Corporate Advisory
Mwana Africa Zimbabwe Gold - Corporate Advisory
Fimosa Capital DRC Gold  - M&A Advisory
Sphere Minerals  Mauritania Iron Ore 500 Structured Debt
Allegiance Mining  Australia Nickel 67 Structured Debt
BP Caspian Azerbaijan Oil 2,500 Structured Debt
African Trading Oil  Congo Brazzavile Oil - Corporate Advisory
EGPC Egypt Oil 1,000 Structured Debt
Makmera Nigeria Oil 25 Structured Debt
Wilton Resources Nigeria Oil - M&A Advisory
OAO Tatneft Russia Oil 550 Corporate Debt
OAO Tatneft Russia Oil 1500 Structured Debt
Rosneft Russia Oil 2000 Corporate Debt
Vitol S.A Switzerland Oil 5,000 Trade Finance
Richland Resources Tanzania Precious Stones - M&A Advisory
AP Macao Indonesia Pulp 300 Structured Debt
Antipinsky Refinery Russia Refined Products 750 Structured Debt
Essar Energy UK Refined Products 1,500 Trade Finance
Arian Silver Mexico Silver 35 Structured Debt
Premier African Minerals Zimbabwe Tungsten 15 Structured Debt
Paladin Energy  Malawi Uranium 167 Structured Debt
Paladin Energy  Namibia Uranium 145 Structured Debt
Paladin Energy  Namibia Uranium 71 Structured Debt
Paladin Energy  Namibia Uranium   Principal Investment
GoviEx Uranium Niger Uranium 3 Equity Raise
GoviEx Uranium Niger Uranium - Principal Investment
GoviEx Uranium Niger Uranium   IPO
Mantra Resources  Tanzania Uranium   Principal Investment